Success stories at COC

Phumelela Msomi

Bongani has been our patient for more than 3years, and he defaulted several times, but now since I started working in Thornwood I do counseling sessions with him. After that he started to visit our hospital frequently for his medication which is ARV`s and TB treatment.
He used to come via our offices on Fridays we give him some food from Woolworths even Felix knows him.
I have noticed that he needs support all the time that is why I am always taking care of him.

Zenhlanhla Makhaye

The community garden in Luganda is doing very well although the weather has been so hot these last months, however so far it is doing great.
The garden will help patients and HBC`s to get food from it and also will generate an income that is why COC is encouraging people to start their gardens, as COC does not have food parcels this year due to the shortage of funds.

Last month I reported about the HIV infected child who`s on ARV`S. The child was told by the doctor not to go to school for the whole month (Feb)
When I went back to the family to confirm if the child was telling the truth, his guardian aunt said it is the truth. The doctor said that the child was very weak to go to school; he needs to rest as he was walking a long distance to school.
I advised the aunt to take good care of him, make sure that she gives him porridge that I always give to them so that it will boost him.

Makhosi Ntombela

It was the first time I visited the Khwela family when I found out that Khulekani at the age of 26 is staying alone at the big house both parents passed away.
Khulekani told me that he did not finish school because of the situation at home, his mother was very ill and he couldn’t focus very well to school work thinking about his mom`s illness. He also mentioned that he was the only one who took his mother to the hospital using a wheel barrow to the bus stop (and at the same time he was crying)

Thulani Zungu

*My colleague (friend) passed, she told me to keep quiet about it there fore I praise God for that because she has been struggling but she has completed her BSW Honors!


Its about the Ndlovu family C.H.H. their parents died in 2006, they are three (3) and all of them are girls also they all have children of their own. They had a friend called Ntombi Mbatha she was very sick, they took her to the hospital at R K Khan and she died there.
They did not visit and heard from someone that Ntombi died, because they did not have money to travel and visit her. She left the girls with a baby and they don` t have nothing for the baby even the birth certificate or something to carry when taking the baby to the clinic.

So as area coordinator I tried to solve the problem, so that the children get cards from the clinic in case they need to attend.

Nompumelelo Ntenza

People that are really needy rarely ever complain. They seem to be contented with their
Way of living.

At Zwelibomvu, a widow with a family of 10 dependants – the youngest a 5month old grandchild is an example .no one works in this family they depend on the support grant for 3 children.

The environment speaks of misery –houses are collapsing because of the rain. On a visit to this family on the 17/03/2011 we brought a loaf of bread and soap (that was all we could afford).the minute the two little one` s (twins) saw the bread, They grabbed it fighting over it- a sign of starvation.

It is depressing to see children growing in their misery.
What does the future hold for these children as they grow? NO ONE KNOWS.

Mrs Ndaba (GOGO)

Patient has been on ARV`S for two year clinical, she was stable and fit. She suddenly decided to stop taking treatment at all, the reason because she` now believing in God and God will help.
*These are some of the challenge that we come across in the community.

Young Adult helped in Mangangeni

Nolwazi* is a 23-year-old young lady in Mangangeni, whose life has been disrupted from a young age. She has been through the most in terms of family conflict. At the tender age of 15, she found herself pregnant. She tried to go back to school but the challenges kept on holding her back. She made it up to grade 11 but unfortunately did not pass that grade.

She stayed home for a couple of years and recently decided she wanted to make something of her life. She approached the COC Project Officer to help her look for a school so she could finish her schooling. A school for adults close to her home was found. She is now a student and has been attending religiously for the past 6 months. She says it is challenging but it is all coming back to her. Every day in the afternoon, she can be seen making her way to class. What an inspirational young lady!

9 year old child helped in Zwelibomvu

Ayanda* is a 9-year-old girl who has had a challenging upbringing caused largely by her parents’ drug addiction. Over the years she had to change schools many times as her parents were not settled. At one stage she was out of school for 5 months as the schools were reluctant to accept her knowing she would be moved before the year ended.

Along the way Ayanda started losing faith in the adults in her life – feeling disposable.  Fortunately, Ayanda’s aunt decided to take Ayanda into her home.  It was not easy at first, as the school Ayanda was attending was a distance away from her aunts home, making it difficult for her to go to school every day.  COC helped Ayanda and her aunt identify a new school closer to her aunts home and to obtain a transfer letter.

Since then Ayanda has made new friends, has reconnected with old friends and is doing much better.  COC continues to monitor her progress regularly.  

Children assisted by the Health Team

Andile* a child from the Thornwood aftercare centre had problems with his eye sight.  A vision test was conducted by the COC Nursing team and he was referred to McCord’s Hospital for further assessment. The child was later issued with glasses. Follow up  visits to the family home show a much happier child.

Mandla* from Mangangeni  also had vision problems when reading. He was referred to McCord’s Hospital by the Nursing Team.  As an interim measure he was issued with glasses and a magnifying glass. In June, he received reading glasses with thick lenses, which has made all the difference in his life.

Child headed household.

The Magubane family are a child headed family.  The eldest child being 19 years old and the youngest, 1 years old.  There are five children in total – some from different fathers, however,  none of the fathers provided for the children after the mother died.  When COC first met with the family it was found that the youngest child did not have a birth certificate, so was not able to obtain a child grant.  The COC Child Caregiver in Thornwood helped them apply for a grant which they received last year in November.  The COC team contacted Pinetown Child Welfare to discuss the option of having the youngest children placed elsewhere.  In February this year, the two youngest were placed in an orphanage and another two children were taken in by their Father.   The eldest child is now able to focus on himself and to fulfill his dreams.  COC is still there for him, supporting him along the way.

Queenel Kunene – Formerly a Thornwood Volunteer who started her own business.

Queenel Kunene was previously a COC Volunteer before finding employment at an Old Age home.   During the floods in 2022, her home was damaged, and she lost her job.   She saw that sitting around and being unemployed was not for her, she decided she needed to do something. She saw the opportunity of opening a Creche in Mpola, and with the money she received from being retrenched she bought herself a Wendy house and approached COC for help.   As part of the Income Generation programme.  COC helped her with chairs, tables, dishes and many other items necessary for her creche. She opened officially in April 2023 with 4 children and the number has since grown.

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